Ethicist as Designer: A Pragmatic Approach to Ethics in the Lab

Difficulty Level:

Design Phase:

Method Overview

Ethicist as designer demands that the ethicist work as a member of the design team such that the ethical reflection becomes incorporated into the product.

Framework of ethics used



Method Intentions:

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Participants: Designers, Engineers

Materials Needed: Designer values

What the ethicist must do in his/her role as designer:

  1. Value Discovery
    1. Making explicit the intended values as conceived by engineers and designers
    2. Scrutinizing these values by illustrating value conflicts and trade-offs
    3. Comparing intended values with the ethics literature
  2. Translating Values into Design Requirements
    1. Value conceptualization
    2. Describing the disconnect between intended and realized values by speculating unintended uses and contexts of the artifact
    3. Exploring the translation/specification of values into design requirements

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