Re-Shape: A Method to Teach Data Ethics for Data Science Education

Difficulty Level:

Method Overview

Re-Shape is a method designed to educate practitioners about the ethical responsibilities expected of them while they engage in data collection or using data for product design.

Framework of ethics used:


Method Intentions:

Getting Started

You will need:

Materials: Internet-enabled mobile phone

Participants: play as a team

Steps (Shapiro, 2022)

  1. Personal data collection –
    1. download the Viewranger app from Android/iPhone stores
    2. Record at least 2 days of physical movement data
  2. Data processing
    1. Use the GPS Visualizer platform to convert the GPX data to a CSV file
  3. Collaborative visualization
    1. Use a collaborative visualization tool to visualize the dataset.
  4. Reflection
    1. Encourage reflection among the participants on how they felt visualizing their personal data

Further Reading



Shapiro, B. R. (n.d.). Mapping Self in Society. Rydal Learning Sciences. Retrieved March 25, 2022, from

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