Tracing the (Ethical) Complexity

Method Overview

Tracing the (Ethical) Complexity is a mapping toolkit, part of A.E.I.O.YOU: Vowels of Ethics Toolkit for Ethical Reflection, that allows practitioners to map an ecological complexity model consisting of various individual, organizational, or societal factors using a toolkit provided to them. The toolkit is also designed for practitioners to easily identify the kinds of support they would need for ethical decision making in their ecological setup.

Example of a completed worksheet. A template or Miro version is available from the method website.

Getting Started

Materials: Toolkit: Model components + Worksheet (MIRO template), Pens, Post-its.

Participants: Team

StepsĀ (from Chivukula, 2023):

Using the toolkit, follow the process:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Model Components to envision all your ecological factors such as roles, aspects, processes, bodies, etc.
  2. Map all the relevant Model Components to create a version of a complexity model based on your everyday work in your organization on the Worksheet.
  3. Identify Relational Verbs as (required) to to connect different components as you are mapping.
  4. (After finishing with representation of your ecological complexity) Mark where most ethics-related: knowledge lies (in Green), decision making lies (in Pink), tensions occur (in Blue), and support is needed (in Red).
  5. Reflect on the activity and provide feedback to the researcher

This methods microsite is based off of analysis which is available in a preprint manuscript. Feel free to review our methodology and other details! We welcome your comments and feedback ! Please also use this form if you would like to suggest a method as an addition to the collection!