Values at Play

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Method Overview

Value at Play presents initial steps toward the development of a systematic methodology for discovery, analysis, and integration of values in technology design.

Framework of ethics used



Method Intentions:

Get Started

1) Values Discovery: Create a working list of relevant values from value sources including Project Goals, Hypotheses, Prior Work, Designer Values, User Values, and Other Stakeholder Values.
2) Identifying Values-Based Conflicts: Check functional components for values conflicts.
3) Implementation and Prototyping:
Work through values conflicts generated in specific functional components.
Categorize the prototype: In our case, we used a) game-play; b) technical; c) aesthetic; d) character; e) simulation; f) behavior.
Formulate a specific question for each prototype.
Work in iterative cycles with reflective review, involving participants, such as design partners, to incorporate ongoing feedback.
4) Values Verification: From the list of initial and emergent project values, verify that desired project values are embedded in the project and others are not.

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