What we hope to accomplish

We have three aims to accomplish during the 2019-2022 grant period:

Identify and describe ethical considerations in socio-technical practice

We will describe identity, disciplinary, ecological, and societal factors that shape, constrain, or enable sociotechnical practice from the practitioner perspective.

Identify and characterize online interactions among practitioners that relate to ethics and values

We will locate conversations among practitioners on social media platforms that reveal pragmatic, situated ethical issues and their outcomes.

Create, disseminate, and refine methods to increase practitioners' ethical awareness

We will create and validate methods through practitioner engagement, disseminating these methods through industry and academic conferences.

Sai Shruthi Chivukula

Doctoral Student

Nicole Li

Graduate Research Assistant

Anne Pivonka

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Matthew Will

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Janna Johns

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Thomas Carlock

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brookley Risgbee

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Ambika R. Menon

Affiliated Researcher