Diverse Voices

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Design Phase:

Method Overview

The Diverse Voices method is distinct from the process of writing a white paper. Rather, once a draft of a tech policy document exists, the method can be employed to integrate input from experiential experts before a final version of the document reaches policymakers.

Framework of ethics used


Method Intentions:

Get Started

Participants: Policy Makers

Materials Needed: Tech Policy Document

Main steps in the method:

  • Select a tech policy document
  • Surface relevant under-represented groups
  • Assemble a panel of experiential experts who represent those groups to examine and respond to the tech policy document
  • Synthesize panel feedback
  • Provide panel feedback to tech policy document authors

The How-To Guide is avaluable for download.

Practical by design, the Diverse Voices method seeks to improve the inclusivity of tech policy documents in a manner that is low cost—both to tech policy document authors and to the experiential experts who provide critical feedback on those documents. To be clear: the Diverse Voices method improves inclusivity but it does not claim to be fully representative or comprehensive of diverse perspectives. Rather, the method helps to identify some critical aspects in the tech policy document that could be improved and to provide suggestions for those improvements. In brief, the method offers progress—better tech policy documents—not perfection.

Further Reading

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