Envisioning Cards

Method Overview

Envisioning Cards are a set of thirty-two cards that help practitioners to consider the future impact of new technology on the larger community as well as neighbors and friends. This also helps practitioners to examine the entire lifecycle of a product. It used these five lenses to assist in this evaluation: Stakeholders, Values, Time, Multi-lifespan, and Pervasiveness.

Getting Started

Materials: Envisioning Card Deck (downloadable examples), Sticky Note

Participants: Team


  1. Choose a random card from the deck and perform its activity. Once you have made progress on the issue brought up on the card, draw a new one.
  2. Identify cards that are relevant to the concerns of your project. Display them in a place that is easy to see. Track your progress throughout the project by annotating the cards.
  3. Have students pick a few cards to guide them during their project.

This methods microsite is based off of analysis which is available in a preprint manuscript. Feel free to review our methodology and other details! We welcome your comments and feedback ! Please also use this form if you would like to suggest a method as an addition to the collection!