Ethical Dilemma/Tension Cards

Method Overview

Ethical-Dilemma/ Tension Cards are elicitation tools, part of A.E.I.O.YOU: Vowels of Ethics Toolkit for Ethical Reflection, to engage individual practitioners to reflect about their present or past ethical dilemmas as well as categorize them using the Tension Cards Categorization Worksheet. The toolkit seeks to describe and create awareness of ethical dilemmas and tensions faced by practitioners, as they perceive others and during interactions among the practitioners, at the practitioner level.

Example of a completed worksheet. A template or Miro version is available from the method website.

Getting Started

Materials: Cards, Categorization Worksheet, Reading Resource, Pens, Post-its.

Participants: Team

StepsĀ (from Chivukula, 2023):

Using the toolkit, follow the process:

  1. Familiarize yourself with Ethical Dilemmas/Tensions cards.
  2. Filter and position each Ethical Dilemma card based on your everyday work in your organization on the Dilemma Cards Categorization worksheet. You can also add your own ethical dilemmas to the list.
  3. Reflect and/or Share stories about instances from your previous or current experiences to elaborate and narrate on dilemmas you often face.
  4. Express and ideate on what kinds of support you needed or need to solve the dilemmas.

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