Ethics Canvas

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Method Overview

The Ethics Canvas has been developed to encourage educators, entrepreneurs, engineers and designers to engage with ethics in their research and innovation projects. Research and innovation foster great benefits for society, but also raise important ethical concerns.

Framework of ethics used


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Get Started

Participants: Educators, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Software Developers, Academic Researchers, Policy Makers

Materials Needed: The Ethics Canvas Template

The Ethics Canvas helps you structure ideas about the ethical implications of the projects you are working on, to visualise them and to resolve them.

  1. Start using the online Ethics Canvas.
  2. Add cards with your ideas to the fields of the canvas.
  3. Drag and drop cards to different fields.
  4. Link cards to each other, for instance specific stakeholders to specific ethical concerns.
  5. The Canvas is dynamic and will adapt to your workflow.

Further Reading

Wessel Reijers, Killian Levacher, and Arturo Calvo. [n.d.]. The Ethics Canvas.