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Method Overview

The GenderMag Method is a process and set of materials to help with the process. It enables software practitioners (e.g., developers, managers, UX professionals) find gender-inclusivity “bugs” in their software, and then fix the bugs they find. The core of the GenderMag Method is a gender-specialized cognitive walkthrough and a set of GenderMag personas that focus on five cognitive factors in problem-solving styles.

Framework of ethics used:



Method Intentions:

Getting Started


Participants: UX professionals, Software Developers

Materials Needed: Apps to evaluate, Scenario to evaluate, Sketch/ Low Fidelity prototype to evaluate, Persona


  1. Pick a persona
  2. Pick a user scenario in your tool
  3. Pick a subgoal for your scenario
  4. Pick an action for that subgoal


Further Reading

The GenderMag Project
GenderMag Teach.


Margaret Burnett, Simone Stumpf, Jamie Macbeth, Stephann Makri, Laura Beckwith, Irwin Kwan, Anicia Peters, and William Jernigan. 2016.
GenderMag: A Method for Evaluating Software’s Gender Inclusiveness. Interact. Comput. 28, 6 (Nov. 2016), 760–787.

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