Inverted Behavior Model

Method Overview

The Inverted Behavior Model in the Design Ethically Toolkit is an evaluative model, designed for industry teams to critically evaluate design features to reveal their associated user behaviors and consequences. 

Example of the framework for evaluating inverted behaviors, available from the method website.

Getting Started

Materials: BJ Fogg’s Inverted Behavior Model, Sticky Notes, Whiteboard

Participants: Individual/Team

Steps (from the Design Ethically website):

  1. Start by listing the design features (prompts) that you want to focus on.
  2. Write out the potential motivations to use each design feature
  3. Describe the behaviors that follow each motivation and the goals to achieve them
  4. What are the potential consequences of these behaviors?

This methods microsite is based off of analysis which is available in a preprint manuscript. Feel free to review our methodology and other details! We welcome your comments and feedback ! Please also use this form if you would like to suggest a method as an addition to the collection!