Moral and Legal Decks

Difficulty Level:

Method Overview

Moral and Legal Deck cards are designed to enable practitioners to reflect on the legal, ethical, technical and social implications of new information technologies.

Framework of ethics used:


Method Intentions:

Getting Started

You will need:

Materials: The card Moral-IT or Legal-IT cards

Participants: play as a team

Steps (Urquhart & Craigon, 2021)

  1. Defining the technology
  2. Defining the main ethical risk
  3. Define the associated risks
  4. Ranking the lists from the most important to the least
  5. Identify and safeguards that might help to mitigate the risks
  6. Record and annotate the safeguards to explain why the reasons for the safeguards were selected
  7. Consider and document the challenges that might prevent the implementation of the safeguards
  8. Discussion of findings from the session

Further Reading

Moral and Legal Decks


2018. The Moral-IT & Legal-IT Decks. Accessed: 2020-5-12.

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