Moral and Legal Decks

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Method Overview

Moral and Legal Decks are a responsible research and innovation tool created to enable structured reflection on legal, ethical, technical and social implications of new information technologies.

Moral-IT deck poses a wide range of critical ethical questions designers need to ask of their new technology.
Legal-IT deck translates five complex European legal frameworks that aim to ensure data protection and cybersecurity for data driven technologies.

Framework of ethics used


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Participants: Designers

Materials Needed: App/Technology to evaluate, Moral-IT Deck , Legal-IT Deck, Prototype ‘process board’ for the impact assessment

The cards can be used in a wide variety of ways. The approach is as part of our streamlined impact assessment process to unpack risks, likelihood of occurrence, safeguards and challenges of implementation. This proves particularly useful for a team at the early stages of the design of a new application or technology. A board guiding you through this process is downloadable below. They can also be sorted by relevance, clustered thematically and ranked in terms of importance by designers.

Visit The Moral-IT & Legal-IT Decksto view a range of activities associated with this work.

Further Reading

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