Moral Value Map

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Design Phase:

Method Overview

Values are an important concept in ethics. With this tool you will look at which values are relevant to your design and how your design affects them. Doing this exercise with different stakeholders helps to understand everyone’s value priorities.

Framework of ethics used



Method Intentions:

Get Started

Participants: Designers

Materials Needed: Overview universal human values, Moral Value Map template, post-its, pens


  1. State your design. Ensure everyone agrees on what you are working on.
  2. Select the human values that are relevant to your design.
  3. Translate each value into a concern to describe how it is present in the context you are designing for. Write the concerns on post-its.
  4. Map the relations between the different concerns. Discuss any conflicts between stakeholders. Not all conflicts must be resolved, some tension could inspire the design. But it should be clear which values you agree to prioritise.
  5. Write down the design’s effect on each concern. Choose from: The design inhibits/supports/limits/enhances/prevents/enables/reinforces/undermines/ challenges this concern.
  6. Discuss the effect of the design on the different concerns. Also discuss any changes that should be made to the design.

Further Reading

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