Motivation Matrix

Method Overview

The Motivation Matrix is intended to engage industry designers and teams in more deeply understanding users’ different motivating factors in order to predict how users could interact with the product in different potential contexts.

Example of the motivation matrix worksheet available from the method website.

Getting Started

Materials: Motivation Matrix model (from the method website), Whiteboard, Post-It Notes, Pens

Participants: Individual, Group

Steps: (from the Design Ethically website)

  1. Compose a matrix of 2-3 user contexts each with the following 6 motivating factors:
    • Incentive
    • Achievement
    • Social Acceptance
    • Fear
    • Power 
    • Growth
  2. For each user’s type of motivating factor, write a sticky note what context this factor takes form.
  3. For each user’s type of motivating factor, write how different behaviors could develop based on those motivations.

This methods microsite is based off of analysis which is available in a preprint manuscript. Feel free to review our methodology and other details! We welcome your comments and feedback ! Please also use this form if you would like to suggest a method as an addition to the collection!