Normative Design Scheme

Difficulty Level:

Method Overview

Normative Design Scheme is part of the Ethics for Designers Toolkit consisting of a worksheet, designed for a team of designers to shape, brainstorm, and formulate their design goals for a product through different ethical theories. 

Framework of ethics used:


Method Intentions:

Getting Started

You will need:

Materials: Worksheet, post-its, pens 

Participants: Design team


Using the worksheet, follow the process (Gipsen, 2017):

  1. Browse through the information on this page.
  2. Write down your design goal using the format on the template.
  3. Assess your design goal using the three main normative views as described on the template. Keep in mind that there is no absolute answer to these questions.
  4. Use the specific normative theories to morally improve your design. You can use them as ideation questions.

Further Reading

Categories of tools and skills required by designers:

Other tools in the Toolkit:



Jet Gispen. 2017. Normative Design Scheme. Accessed: 2020-5-12.

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