Value-Oriented Semi-Structure Interview

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Method Overview

Value-Oriented Semi-Structured Interview is a part of the value sensitive design method. This method provides industry researchers a guide for structuring interview questions to surface stakeholders’ understanding, views and values about a technology. 

Framework of ethics used:


Method Intentions:

Getting Started

You will need: 

Materials: interview protocol

Participants: researchers, stakeholders  

Example Practices (Friedman & Hendry, 2019): 

The value-oriented semi-structured interview questions focus on the “evaluative judgments about a technology” and the rationales behind it. Some example questions are: 

  •  “Is it all right or not all right that technology X has feature Y or behavior Z? Why or why not?” 
  • “Some people like X about the system for Y reason. Other people like A about the system for B reason. Are your views more similar to one person or the other? Why?”

Learn more about the method through the following further readings list.

Further Reading

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