Value Sketch

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Method Overview

Value Sketch is a technique of sketching that helps designers and practitioners to gain insight into the different kinds of values participants assign to the variable under study. Here participants are provided with a material and asked to sketch out a product or scenario. Next, the researchers or designers conduct a systematic qualitative analysis of the sketches to foreground the values that the participants expressed through them.

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Method Intentions:

Getting Started

You will need:

Materials: Paper, pencil, any other material required that supports the sketching activity.

Participants: Participants can participate individually or in groups.


  1. Determine the scenario of the study
  2. Introduce the participants to the scenario of the study and provide them with sketching materials
  3. Facilitate the sketching session
  4. Collect necessary data like demographics and other data points that will support the analysis of the sketches.

Further Reading

Value Sketching


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