We are thrilled to begin this new project, leveraging our findings from two previous years’ of work on “dark patterns!” We certainly aren’t leaving the idea of dark UX and ethical concern behind—we are merely expanding our scope to think about ethical awareness and action more broadly.

The project doesn’t officially begin until October 1st, 2019, but we intend to use this space to stay connected with practitioners and researchers alike as our studies get launched. For now, we have two big action items:

  1. We need connections to practitioners in the broad range of spaces we have outlined, including: UX, data science, product management, front-end development, and other design personnel responsible for the development of digital systems in any industry or governmental context. If you are interested in participating in an interview or focus group, or if you (or your company) might want to participate as a pilot site for the methods we create, let us know!
  2. We want to build out our team with an additional PhD student, who will be funded for the full three year duration of the project. If you are interested in pursuing doctoral study with a focus on ethics and design practice, or know someone who is, consider taking a look at our studentship opportunity!
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